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Printing 'Found' Records Issue

Question asked by SelinaCampbell on Mar 4, 2015
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Printing 'Found' Records Issue


Hi there,

I am having an issue printing records from one Filemaker database. When I choose to print 'Records Being Browsed' the first record is the only one to print. This happens with all layouts within the one database. It is not an issue with other databases.

I have tried changing the settings in Layout - Part Setup - Body - Change but this did not make a difference. I also tried changing the layout margins. This happens when printing from the found records and from the preview.

The OS is Mac OSX 10.9.4, the Filemaker version is FM Pro 11 and the printer is HP Laserjet CP1515n. When I try printing from a Windows machine it works fine.

All other programmes and databases are printing fine. I'd appreciate any help with this!