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    Printing - can duplicate entries be left blank?



      Printing - can duplicate entries be left blank?


           Hello All,

           Just joined the FM forum - have a question concerning printing and eliminating duplicates from printing?  I'm a long time user of MS Access and have 6 personal databases, 4 of which I've transferred to other programs/apps - BUT 2 large ones have my music collections (2500 & 1500 entries for each, respectively) - I have Access print these out and the program easily allows me to not print duplicate entries (below an example from a smaller database now in Numbers - top pic shows the appearance w/i the app & lower pic, what I would like to accomplish w/ a printout).

           I retired just over 2 years ago and have transitioned to Apple computers and I do not want to run MS Office on the Macs nor do I want the 'free' office suites (reviewed them and none have the printing options needed) - SO, my question is if I purchase FileMaker (know that I'll need to do an export from Access to Excel & then an import into FM) and transfer my musical databases, are the printout options in FM broad enough to allow me to accomplish the appearance of that lower image.

           Thanks for any comments & help - Dave :)

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               With conditional formatting and the getNthRecord function, you can make the repeat entries invisible. Use an expression such as:

               If ( Get (recordNumber) > 1 ; GetNthRecord ( YourTable::Origin ; Get (RecordNumber ) - 1 ) = YourTable::Origin )

               and change the text color to match the background or set the text size to very large (120 points or larger for fonts near 10-12 points in size.)

               but you might also consider reformatting your output to look like this:

               Origin: Au-NZ
               Type: Fume Blanc
               Year: 2011
               Maker    Special    Price   Issue   Rating

               This second option is possible in a list view using sub summary layout parts.

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                 Hi Phil - thanks for your response - I was just waiting a few days to see if others might respond w/ suggestions - from your description, appears that I need to set up some 'formula' to print out in the format desired - not sure that I completely understand your second 'reformatting' output option - NOW, I've not purchased this program yet, so am still considering?  I'm still somewhat amazed that Access has not been transitioned over to OS X is some easier fashion - UGHH - thanks again!  Dave :)

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                   Did you look up the term "conditional formatting" in FileMaker Help?

                   It is a calculation, but not defined in a field in your table, it's a property you set on the field object on the layout.

                   The second approach is a summary report. I did not spell out the details of how that would be set up as I did not know if you were interested in that option. If you are, let me know and I'll describe how it works. To me, it would make for an easier to read report format, but it's your call to make.