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Printing - can duplicate entries be left blank?

Question asked by DavidOtt_1 on Nov 4, 2013
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Printing - can duplicate entries be left blank?


     Hello All,

     Just joined the FM forum - have a question concerning printing and eliminating duplicates from printing?  I'm a long time user of MS Access and have 6 personal databases, 4 of which I've transferred to other programs/apps - BUT 2 large ones have my music collections (2500 & 1500 entries for each, respectively) - I have Access print these out and the program easily allows me to not print duplicate entries (below an example from a smaller database now in Numbers - top pic shows the appearance w/i the app & lower pic, what I would like to accomplish w/ a printout).

     I retired just over 2 years ago and have transitioned to Apple computers and I do not want to run MS Office on the Macs nor do I want the 'free' office suites (reviewed them and none have the printing options needed) - SO, my question is if I purchase FileMaker (know that I'll need to do an export from Access to Excel & then an import into FM) and transfer my musical databases, are the printout options in FM broad enough to allow me to accomplish the appearance of that lower image.

     Thanks for any comments & help - Dave :)