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    Printing / Non Printing Fields



      Printing / Non Printing Fields


      I'm trying to create a directory listing employees.  Some employees don't want some personal fields printed.  How can I print some of the fields for some and hide the same info for others?  These are fields like home address, phone, etc. 

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          Choose the fields that you do not want printed in layout mode. Go to the Set Sliding/Printing Options ( I believe that it is under the format menu) and check the Do not print checkbox.


          Another option is to use another layout to print. If you have FM10, you can use a script trigger to go to the print layout or if you have FMP Advanced, you can use a custom menu to run your script when you go to preview mode.

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               Thanks for the suggestion.  Unfortunately I don't think that would work.  For example, for the 1st entry, all fields (address, phone, email) are ok to print.  For the next entry, that person doesn't want his address printed, but phone & e-mail are ok.  For next entry they only want their name visible. 
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              Is the decision by person certain fields are not printed?  But there are fields that are printed for everyone?


              Or is it a matter of any one can choose any of the fields that they don't want printed.  I might not want my birthdate printed and someone else might not want his/her cell phone printed, and a third might now want the home phone noted? 


              You could have a flag field on each person that says print private (yes or no).  For printing purposes you have a calculation field for the personal fields.  If(Yes_private, "", HOMEPHONE) or something similar.


              Does this help?

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                   yes, thank you.  I'm a fairly new user of this program, but I'll give this a try.  Is it possible to e-mail you privately?
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                  You can try this then.


                  You will have to create a couple of number fields which you can use to flag what they want to display during printing or not.

                  Create a value list that just returns the value 1 ( call it flag ).


                  Now you can put a checkbox using "Flag" next to each of the items that you want to control.


                  Now on your print layout, you can use conditional formatting to change the text color to white ( assuming that the print background is white) if  the box is checked.



                  So for examples to not print the address field, you would apply conditional formatting ( change to white text) on the address field of the print layout using a calc with just:    flg_Address  ( the name of the checkbox field next to address )


                  Since the conditional formatting is a boolean test, if the flag has been checked,it will make the conditional formatting true and change the text color to white.




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                       I'd be a little woried about some printers actually printing white on white.
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                         I'll give it a try.  Thank you.
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                        I've tried setting up a conditional format for the "spouse" field.  It says that if the (yes/no) field is no, than print the "spouse" field red.  


                        My sample comes up right, but I can't get it to work correct on the preview page.  


                        I've made my container field a text field with a yes/no.