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Printing a label on a specific location of label sheet

Question asked by ABO on Feb 5, 2013
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Printing a label on a specific location of label sheet


     Hello everyone,

     I'm sort of new to filemaker, i started using it about 2 years ago in data input and only recently developed my first database.  I run a research lab and i keep track of samples we've prepared using filemaker.  We only prepare 5 or 6 samples per week, which has me printing one or two labels a day on an avery 5160 sheet (3 x 10 labels). 

     So far i've used a word template to create the labels but i recently found the label layout option on filmaker, which is pretty great as it could save me a lot of work, but i ran into a snag.

     Printing labels itself is not the issue, i've configured it so it's perfectly centered on the label and i can print as many labels as i need, but always from the top left (or bottom right if i invert the page after using a few up top), having me use a new page every time i need to print a new set of labels. 


     It's a matter of economy, I don't ever have a need to print 30 labels, and I can't wait until i have 15 samples to label so i can use the whole page.

     For example, say that i've used the first 5 labels on the sheet, and i have 3 more samples to label.  I set it up and send to print, but it always starts from position 1, the first label top left. 

     Is there an option so i can tell filemaker to print, say, starting on the label that is 2nd down the third row of the sheet?


     I'm using FM 9 Pro Advanced.

     Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.