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    Printing a Layout



      Printing a Layout


      I am working on FM 10 in Windows XP.  I am new to this database system and I am having a little bit of trouble. I have a two page layout that I need to print. The first page prints fine the second page however does not.  The second page runs off the paper and shows the logo twice on the top. 

      Is there a way I can correct this?


      Please help!!

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          Hi Pebbles,


          We use FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced with Windows XP and are new to FileMaker this year as well. Have you tried editing your Layout in Layout Mode? We've had to update our Header, Body, and Footer in several databases and find the issue can be in Layout Setup or Part Setup.


          Next to searching the Forum here is an added site we found helpful:



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            It is commonly advised to create layouts to

            1] Enter Data - can use a long layout form or tabs

            2] List Data - designed to show the most important fields on one or at most two lines.

            3] Print or Reports Layouts - designed to be printed.

            4] Other Misc layouts for navigation or global preference entry.


            Each may have a header, this appears on each printed page.

            Each may have a footer, this appears on each printed page

            Summary sections that are normally found only on printed pages.


            I would suggest you make a test database, make several layouts.

            Add a Title Header (appears on the title - first page)

            Add a Header

            Add a Leading Grand Summary

            Already has a Body

            Add a Sub Summary

            Add a Trailing Grand Summary

            Add a Footer

            Add a Title Footer.

            Then fool around to get a sense of  the possiblities