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Printing a Report based on line items table

Question asked by dg3321 on Feb 9, 2011
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Printing a Report based on line items table


I have created a list report based on a line items table so i can view all entries in a portal.  This report also contains related fields which i have placed in the header. 

My question is:  When i am in the parent record, how do i create a script to go to the exact record (and said record's line items in the portal) in the list report?  Currently, i have set up a quickfind in the list report where i can search a specific record (which produces all of the line items for the record searched), and then i can print.

I want to eliminate the 'find' and put it into a script.  I need to know how to basically say (while in the parent record):

If field A = blue, go to list report and show me the blue record and all of the line items in the portal

Note: 'field A could equal 1 of 11 current records'.  i basically want the program to see what record i'm browsing and then (via a button/script) go directly to my list report showing that record and line items.