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Printing a Single Address Label on one of the Labels (FMPro11)

Question asked by MikeBradshaw on Oct 25, 2012
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Printing a Single Address Label on one of the Labels (FMPro11)


     I want to be able to print a single label onto a sheet of Avery labels. In Word there is a way to enter the data and then tell Word which label (column and row) to print the text to.

     The standard Avery formatted label layout in FMPro 11 assumes you are going to print every record in the found set. Starting with the label in Row 1 Column 1. If the found set only has one record then it will always print to Column 1 Row 1. This is obviously wasteful.

     I want to try to replicate the functionality of Word within FMPro11, so before printing the label(s) it asks which position you want to start printing.

     I hoped it would be as easy as writing a script that would take the inputs 'Row' and 'Column' to determine the position of the object in the Layout. I can see a script function (GetLayoutObjectAttributes) that will tell me where the object is on the screen, but I don't seem to be able to figure out how to write to those attributes to dynamically change the location of the object.

     Hopefully that makes sense.

     Can anyone help on this?