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    Printing addresses on envelopes-text placement is a mess



      Printing addresses on envelopes-text placement is a mess


      Hi All,

      To be brief, I'm no FMP wizard but I do OK. I went to set up a layout to print the names and adresses of 80 different recipients from one database in Excel on to #10 envelopes in one run. Went thru the FMP 8 program no problem-chose new layout, chose envelope, type text into field names to create fields, then imported 80 name/address/city/state/.zip records no problem from Excel into the new layout.

      I went to print the names on to the #10's and just by looking at the fields on the screen there are the problems:

      1) The Title (HR Director, Pres. etc.) often, but not always, appears in line 2 where the company would be while leaving the Contact name in line 1;

      2) Sometimes the Contact (line 1) and Title (line 1), the Company (line 2) the Address (line 3) are perfect, but the City/State/Zip is spaced down maybe 2 lines below that creating of course a large, unacceptable white are/space in what could be called line 6;

      3) Sometimes this white space will be between the Company and Address lines, while other databse records appear perfectly.

      I have tried and tried to get this fixed but can't. HELP. Scan attached of just two of the bad records.

      Thank you in advance for any assistance.



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          Are these Merge fields? Can you type in what they look like in layout mode? You may need to enter layout mode and adjust the width of the entire layout text block to keep text from wrapping to the next line when you don't want it to.

          The second address example suggests that you may have a return character in the address field. This character will be invisible, but still forces an extra line into your block of merge field text. You can check this by going to a layout where you have this address field and it is not merge text. Find the record and then click into the field to see if it pops out to show two lines of text, with the secondline blank. A return character at the start of the city field would produce the same effect.

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            Thank you for the suggestions; I checked to see if the field layout had wide enough settings so text wouldn't wrap-all I saw was a box around all of the fields-and it was more than big enough to contain the fields.

            I will work your other suggestion.


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              You may find it useful to replace all or some of the merge text the labels layout wizard created with just normal data fields set to slide up. Then, when you see a record where the data doesn't display correctly, you can click into the field and inspect the data for extra returns that shouldn't be there.

              Sliding fields options are set in the Inspector's position tab.

              Key facts about sliding:

              1. It's only visible in preview mode and when you print/save as PDF...
              2. All layout objects below a slide/resize field need to also be set to slide up and resize.
              3. Objects in headers and footers will not slide.
              4. Portals will shrink/slide to fit the number of rows of records, but fields within the portal row will not shrink/slide.
              5. Consistent side borders are difficult to achieve with sliding fields.

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                Solution found: There are two potential problem sources for this layout issue:

                1) This was mine: I imported data from an Excel spreadsheet from which I was going to create an envelope layout for #10s and print; Data looked OK, but in the cell where you enter text or whatever in Excel, IF the cursor is not UP AGAINST the last letter/number etc. it will create a space of varying size when imported to FMP (because there was "white" space in the field in Excel, there will be "white" space in the field in FMP); Solution is to correct the data formatting in Excel by backspacing the cursor so it is tight against the end of yout typing;

                2) Problem 2 could be created directly in FMP vs. the "bad import" I did: When entering data directly into FMP, they cursor once again must be up against the last letter/number, whatever or it will create white space in the envelope window I was using; If the white space from the cursor position is great enough it will create in my case ANOTHER line below, say, the address field; Solution is to go into the database that you used to create the (envelope printing) layout and fix it there by clicking on the field in question and back-spacing the cursor up to the last letter/number etc.; This will remove the white space that creates the problem, incuding additional lines below normally desired text.