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Printing addresses on envelopes-text placement is a mess

Question asked by HansHug on Mar 24, 2011
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Printing addresses on envelopes-text placement is a mess


Hi All,

To be brief, I'm no FMP wizard but I do OK. I went to set up a layout to print the names and adresses of 80 different recipients from one database in Excel on to #10 envelopes in one run. Went thru the FMP 8 program no problem-chose new layout, chose envelope, type text into field names to create fields, then imported 80 name/address/city/state/.zip records no problem from Excel into the new layout.

I went to print the names on to the #10's and just by looking at the fields on the screen there are the problems:

1) The Title (HR Director, Pres. etc.) often, but not always, appears in line 2 where the company would be while leaving the Contact name in line 1;

2) Sometimes the Contact (line 1) and Title (line 1), the Company (line 2) the Address (line 3) are perfect, but the City/State/Zip is spaced down maybe 2 lines below that creating of course a large, unacceptable white are/space in what could be called line 6;

3) Sometimes this white space will be between the Company and Address lines, while other databse records appear perfectly.

I have tried and tried to get this fixed but can't. HELP. Scan attached of just two of the bad records.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.