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Printing alignment changes from Mac to PC

Question asked by ninja on Feb 12, 2010
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Printing alignment changes from Mac to PC


Howdy all,


Been beating my head against this for too long.  I can't believe I haven't posted already.


My facility runs both PC (XP-SP3) and Mac (various).  All are on FMP8 save myself.  I'm on FMP8Adv.

FMP does an all around nice job with the very occasional Get(SystemPlatform) step needed.


The problem:

Every lot of material we manufacture goes out with a certification form (4000+ products, 400+ different form layouts depending on data reported).

The Cert form has anywhere from 14 to 40 fields ranging from customer, city, state, country, to Dielectric Constant, Frequency at which Permeability was measured, Firing profile used for testing...whatever.


- If I lay out the forms on PC, they print fine from any PC.

- If I lay out the forms on a Mac, they print fine from most (possibly all) Macs.

- If I lay out the forms on PC, the alignment goes out the window when printing from a Mac...and vice versa.

- This shift in alignment is both horizontal and vertical.

- Objects that are grouped together (Fields and line graphics drawn in FMP8) will move relative to the other objects in that same group.

- The movement of layout objects can be seen by entering Preview is not even necessary to print.

- The printed page matches (as best I can tell) the rendering shown in Preview Mode.

- FMP8 does not have anchoring...I don't know if that would help or not.


My first thought was to Get(SystemPlatform) and choose a Mac printing layout or a PC printing layout based on the result...but there are 400+ layouts.  Ouch, ouch, ouch.


My second thought was to investigate the platforms printing default settings...but I wouldn't know where to start on a Mac.


My third thought was to commonize the platform (ditch the Macs) but they are used by the Directors.  Everyone else has a PC except for the occasional Director hand-me-down.  I won't ask the Directors to ditch thier Macs...especially when FMP was purchased as a viable cross-platform technology.  Much of our equipment is PC controlled and is not available with a Mac on board.


My fourth thought should have been my ask you fine folks.

I am not against upgrading the whole facility if it will solve the issue...but I will need to prove the solution to justify the expense.


Surely I am far from the first to face this annoyance.  Please share your collective voice of experience...

I thank you for all ideas...I'm fresh out.