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    Printing all records



      Printing all records


      I built a database, using Filemaker Pro 10, to keep track of the motor inspections that I do. It is a one page form. When I try to print out the completed form in form view, I can only get the current record to print, even though I have records being browsed checked. I have tried doing a find, sorting, nothing seems to work. What am I missing?

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          When going to print, how many records are being shown?

          If you are showing 1 record, that is what will print.

          If you are showing 20 records, that is what you should print.



          Make a new database.

          Make one field.

          Make four records.

          Print for TEST 

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               It doesn't matter how many records are showing, It prints the current record, even though I have records browsed checked.
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                 Check to make sure that pulldown box in your print dialog is set to "Records being browsed" instead of "Current Record"
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                It is set at records being browsed, but still will not print the whole page as seen in 'browse'.

                One entry at a time is printing.

                1 page with 30 entries is printing 30 pages not 1.

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                       I'm not sure if you've found a work around or what version of FMP you are running. Apparently Apple has no intention of amending this, however it has been corrected in the latest version of FMP. Problem between FileMaker 10 and Mavericks. Newer versions of FileMaker do work. FileMaker won't fix version 10 to solve the problem. You would need to start from an older OS and change the print settings. After that the settings set will work in Mavericks too.
                  I also found the following work around if you are trying to create a pdf of all records.
                  File/ SaveSend Records as /PDF.