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Printing an optional second page

Question asked by nolak37 on May 19, 2010
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Printing an optional second page


Hello everyone,


Im trying to print information from one of my table onto a pre-printed business form

(there is no option arround this the form is standard for the businessand printed with some type of special ink)


this print layout includes information from 2 tables, I got it to where the page prints out correctly but I found 1 problem, the form has 6 fields to hold info on what the person was charged for but there are cases where there are actually more "charge" records than 6. when this happens I need to print 2 pages (forms) both will hold the same person information but the first thould print charge 1-6 and the second charge 7-12.


Has anyone ever done anything like this?

is this even possible?


i thought of making one long layout where the information is duplicated but the problem is that if a person only has 1 or 2 charges it will still print 2 sheets filling both with persons info but the second would have no charges.