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Printing assistance required

Question asked by JohhnyHilly on Oct 28, 2013
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Printing assistance required


     I am having trouble setting up a layout so it prints exactly what I want.

     I have 2 tables, Vehicles and Oil Samples, that are connected via a primary and foreign key. One vehicle will have multiple oil samples on different dates. I would like to show the following but am having trouble with it. Currently the layout is based on the table Oil Samples.

     1. I would like fields/data to display from the most recent oil sample. So far I have created a table occurence of Oil Samples (called Oil Sample Printing) and I have connected it to Oil Samples via the foreign key of each occurence. I created a portal in the layout BODY and linked it to Oil Samples Printing, and formatted it so it only has one row and is sorted by date. Problem is it is showing all the oil samples, not just the most recent one. (Note: all oil samples are not displaying in the same portal but displaying like each record is in a different portal).

     How can I have it so it only shows the most recent oil sample? 

     2. Below the portal above, I would like exactly the same thing, except the next 4 oil samples after the most recent one. I have yet to work out how to do this.

     I am not sure if I am using the parts in the layout incorrectly of not but from first impression it seems like I am.

     Any help would be appreciated.