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Printing Bar Codes

Question asked by JackieBusch on Mar 8, 2013
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Printing Bar Codes


     Does anyone know how I can get a bar code to print in FileMaker?  I have a true type Code 128 font that will display on the screen but will not print.  I have also tried Code 39, but FileMaker won't even see that.

     I am using FileMaker 12 with Windows 7 operating system

     When I select the Code 128 in FileMaker, I get the following:

     The selection contains fields whos storage option language is incompatible with the chosen font or text objects whose characters cannot be displayed by that font. The font will not be changed for these items. Hold down the Control and Shift keys while choosing a font if you wish to override the protective action.

     Is there something I can change or is there another bar code font I can use in FileMaker?