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    Printing Bar Codes from FileMaker



      Printing Bar Codes from FileMaker



           I'm looking for any input on this topic.  At the moment I have a Brother P-Touch label maker, and with the P-Touch editor software I can create a barcode and have the label maker print it out.  I'm trying to automate this process from FileMaker using a field that contains a 7 digit number.

           I need some sort of interface that will accept my number and create and print the barcode.  If there is a solution that requires buying an additional label printer and/or software set I'm open to that, I just want it to work and work reliably.  I would think it could be fairly simple with the right setup since it's just a simple number being transferred.

           Thanks for any input!

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               There is more than one type of barcode. They are for the most part just fonts so you may be able to just install a barcode font on your computer and configure FileMaker to use it. You would enter your barcdoe value into a text field and then the same field on a labels layout can be formatted to use the barcode font in order to print out your bar code.