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Printing behavior different between the side and bottom page boundaries?

Question asked by swhite on May 19, 2009
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Printing behavior different between the side and bottom page boundaries?


I have a layout called Projects which shows fields from a projects table within the normal page boundary. Also on this layout is a portal listing related data (name, email address, phone number) from a contacts table. The contacts portal is to the right of the page boundary so the user can see the project details and the contacts side-by-side.


When viewing the layout each record shows the project info and correctly displays the contacts associated with that project. I expected the printed version to span 2 pages for each record, but only one page prints per record. It seems, when printing, FileMaker ignores items to the right of the page boundary. Thus, the list of contacts is not printed.


However, if I expand the Body down so that the record spans 2 vertical pages and place items past the page boundary at the bottom of the layout, then there are 2 printed pages for each record; one for the project info and one for the contact list. The problem with spanning the pages vertically is that now the user has to scroll down to see the contact list for every record. Since most of the time, the users are viewing the layouts and not printing them, it is more usable to have the contact list to the right.


Am I missing something here, or is the behavior of printing past page boundaries different if the content is past the right-side boundary vs the bottom boundary? If objects to the right of the page boundary cannot be printed, then what is the point of being allowed to place content there?


Thanks in advance, I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure this one out.