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Printing Blank Pages

Question asked by fayman on May 25, 2013
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Printing Blank Pages


     I am currently running FM Pro 12, with our database hosted with Server 12.  After months of normal use, all records are printing blank.  So far I have tried:

     - Adjusting the layering of tabs/fields/etc...

     - Checked layout properties to make sure "Hide when printing" selections were off on all tabs.

     - Checked print setup/properties/etc...

     Preview Mode displays everything correctly.  Saving to pdf creates a proper pdf.  Only when printing does the page print blank.  The only change I had made before this had begun was inserting some large jpeg images, which on occasion dropped into my layout completely blank (just an empty outline).  I had to reinsert the image for it to display properly.  Is it possible that one of these corrupt images is sitting over the layout causing it cover the record when printing?

     I am at a loss...

     Thank you for any help you can give!