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Printing can not continue...use control panel to set up a port

Question asked by fxdb on Jun 18, 2010
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Printing can not continue...use control panel to set up a port


I have just had a call from one of my clients who is experiencing an issue when trying to print from Filemaker 10 V3


Their OS is Windows Vista 64

The printer is a Brother MFC-6490CW printer

Connected to a local USB port  (set as USB002 Virtual Printer Port)


Error Message Received :

"Printing can not continue because this printer is not connected to a port.  Use the Control Panel to set up a port."


In all my years working with FileMaker, I have never come across this issue, however it is only FileMaker having the problem.

I use Vista x64 myself and do not have such issues (with a similar configured port setup)


Printing from any other application works without an issue, print jobs are added to the que and printed as expected.

I have removed the printer & port and re-installed to no avail.

I have tried changing to various other ports, putting the printer in a paused state to test, but still nothing gets added to the que.


The file is being run locally, this message appears when choosing File > Print

The printer is showing correctly in the list, clicking properties brings up the printers own config menu's


Any ideas / thoughts / things to try are more than welcome !