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    printing checks



      printing checks


           how do you print checks, from a found set, in a loop without specifying a customer id

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                  Go To Record/Request/Page [next ; exit after last]
               End Loop

               This is just a wild guess as there could be any number of issues that are keeping this from working for you. But you'd need to describe those issue before we could help you with them.

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                 FM12Advanced have file with 10 records - two payees PayeeA PayeeB - PayeeA has 1 record and PayeeB has 9 - how do i print both checks without doing one at a time? layout is only for one record  -  how do you combine payeeB with 9 records? when you use layout parts you can combine 9 records but it shows both payees  on layout 

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                   You'll need to describe the design of your database in greater detail. What do those individual records represent?

                   It sounds like you need a related table for your check printing that will have one record for each check printed and a relationship that links to the specific records whose amounts will total to produce the desired check amount.

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                     table just holds 3 fields (payee, invoice number, invoice amount) -  being i would like to include invoice numbers and invoice amount on check   -  transfer records for one payee to another table, print check, delete records, transfer records next payee, print check................ -  is there a GET function or something that filemaker would know so one payee records would be transfered at a time in a loop?

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                       when you have a global value, it contains one value until changed?  -  can you see that value? how?

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                         after i do find and sort records i want the first record field PAYEE data entered in $$get  -  do i use get(active field contents )  gets field data when in focus?  -   so, set variable with $$get with auto enter calculated value get(activefieldcontents)  -  how do i put field PAYEE in focus to get first payee in $$get value  - once first payee check printed will delete first payee records so loop will put next payee value in $$get   

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                           You have FMP "beginner fever"coolwink.   You see what you want and find the tool [FMP] to get there.

                      But ...

                           you need to take some time to define your FMP Solution to fit your needs.  The tables [databases] sound like a good start.

                      Payee  table

                      Invoice table

                           You list of outputs like... print check, payment transfers etc... should be thought out  to know how many related tables you need.  Try a tutorial to ground you in FMP terms.  Then return here for help on the next steps or how to design some unusual needs.   People will help when you better can explain your needs.



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                             understand  -  i watched vtc tutorial 15 hours a day for 7 days? -  watched youtube videos, still do  -  lynda  -  vtc also comments on knowing FM terms  do searches here and on internet before posting question  -  will try to explain better  -  if i get no response will know its babble in community  -  have 3 tables MAIN and CHECK INVOICE and PRINT CHECK   -  when records in CHECK INVOICE table are sorted  i want the first sorted record, taking data in a field named ID and other records containg this same ID and set information in PRINT CHECK table  -  my question,  how do i contain/keep/store this ID to use in script?  -  appreciate help thanks david 

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                               I will take a stab a what you are trying to do.....

                               Understand wit h what you have given, i will be guessing.angel

                               1) you need to related what i called Payee and i guess you call MAIN as the same table that contains info fields for that Payee/MAIN table, with the table you call INVOICE by a PayeeID.   Thus each invoice has the appropriate PayeeID.  So if PayeeID is generated by New Payee Record,  It is unique and serial.

                               2) Then you can use a Portal to see all Unpaid invoices for a selected PayeeID.   Try this out and report back to formum.


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                                 i tried       If ( get (recordNumber) = "1" , payee_code; "" )     doesnt work  -  any suggestions  

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                                   think i got it  - 

                                   Go to record first

                                   Find matching Records (constrain; OpenPayables::payee_code)