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Printing Conditional Layouts?

Question asked by EricLangendorff on Sep 20, 2012
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Printing Conditional Layouts?


     Using FMP Advanced 10.0v3.

     I have a database with a four-page layout in which the first three pages are always the same, but the fourth page varies from record-to-record depending on the value of a field I'll call TEMPLATE.

     I've been able to implement the dynamic fourth page by placing the entire page in a tab panel and using a triggered script to activate the appropriate tab upon entering the layout/record/etc. or upon changing the value of the TEMPLATE field.  This works fine in Browse or Find modes, but I run into problems when I try to print.

     I periodically need to generate reports for each member of my organization, and a member's record set may contain several records with different TEMPLATEs.  When attempting to print, however, FileMaker selects a tab and sticks with it throughout the print job, and so many records print with the wrong tab displayed.  (Unfortunately, the sorting requirements of the report are based on fields other than TEMPLATE; so I can't easily separate the print job into batches based on TEMPLATE type.)

     I thought about not using tabs, and instead having multiple layouts that differ only only the fourth page, but then I still run into the problem of how to print some records with one layout and others with a different one in the same print job.

     Is there a better way of implementing this (in my version or any later one)?