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    Printing custom Label issues!



      Printing custom Label issues!


      My labels size
      1 across

      My label stock is two up on 8.5x11 sheet(so 2 labels per sheet)

      When I try to print 2 copies of the same label it prints on two different pages.

      Any suggestions as to why it is doing that?


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          Any thoughts on this?

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            What print options are you using to print your two labels?

            To get two or more labels on the same page, you need a found set of the labels with one record per label, then you print using the records being browsed option.

            Since thise is two copies of the same label, you'd need to either duplicate your record, or redesign your layout to be two labels tall with the label fields repeated a second time so that printing one record prints two labels.

            There are also ways to print a a user specified number of copies of a given label or found set of labels so let me know if that is something you need here.