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    Printing Double Sided Despite Trying Not To



      Printing Double Sided Despite Trying Not To


           Just converted to FM13Advanced  from FM11Advanced.  Had this problem in both:

           Have several scripts which print various layouts.  In the scripts I have set the properties on the printer through Print Setup to not print double sided and to print in portrait.  I show the dialog so that I can double check that the print double sided box in the properties window for the printer is not checked ... and it isn't.  This seems to be happening on any layout that is printed through a script containing Print Setup and Print. 

           Despite all of this, the job prints on both sides.  I cannot figure out where that setting is being made.  I've powered the printer down - it's an HP1320 - and backup to no effect on this problem.

           If I print directly [File | Print] the same thing happens.  I am totally stumped and would be happy for any clues that may be offered.  Driver problem?

           A screenshot of the printer properties tab that sets the PrintOnBothSides option is attached.

           Thanks much .... Bill Cole




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               What version Windows?  Is the Printer Driver uptodate?  How is the printer connected Local or Network? Print Server involved?

               I assume this does not happen in other applications.  If you create a new database from Template and print, does it work correctly?


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                 Thanks for the response:

                 Windows7 Premium  x64

                 The printer is connected through a JetDirect 300x box on a wired LAN.

                 Problem does not happen in other applications.

                 Updated driver to HP Universal Print Driver dtd 2014.  So now I have both the HP1320 updated driver and the HP Universal driver to choose from.  I print a test page for each driver and both report that I "have correctly installed your HP ...."

                 In FM first, I chose the HP Universal driver and configured Print Setup and Print.  Print Setup didn't complain but Print did returning the message "Printing cannot continue because the printer is not connected to a port.  Use the control panel to set up a port."

                 Then I tried this with the HP1320 driver ... same result.

                 Everything works fine in other applications ... go figure.

                 I looked at the ports tab on the printer setup and it is connected to the same port it was before I did the driver upgrade ... so why is FM now complaining?

                 Before I uninstall all the drivers and start over, any thoughts?

                 Thanks much.  

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                   Do you have other printers to test with?  Has the Printer Server been restarted? Can you bypass the print server and print directly to the printer?

                   Does a new simple database exhibit same problems?

                   Another Print Problem Thread  -  there are FOUR pages to this thread....  And FMP Support is involved.
              Filemaker Pro prints very slowly to printers using the HP Universal Print Driver

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                     I did load the Projects template and was able to print properly from that.

                     The print server had been restarted.

                     After I was able to successfully print from the Project template, I tried to print from my application and again got the "... not connected to a port" error message.

                     I do have another printer and tried printing from my application to that but got the same error message.  That second printer does work with other applications.

                     Thanks for taking an interest in this.  Very perplexing.

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                       Problem solved by editing the relevant scripts under FM13, removing the Print Setup and Print statements built with FM11 and replacing them with those same statements in FM13.

                       Thanks for helping me think this through!