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Printing Double Sided Despite Trying Not To

Question asked by wacole1213 on Feb 15, 2014
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Printing Double Sided Despite Trying Not To


     Just converted to FM13Advanced  from FM11Advanced.  Had this problem in both:

     Have several scripts which print various layouts.  In the scripts I have set the properties on the printer through Print Setup to not print double sided and to print in portrait.  I show the dialog so that I can double check that the print double sided box in the properties window for the printer is not checked ... and it isn't.  This seems to be happening on any layout that is printed through a script containing Print Setup and Print. 

     Despite all of this, the job prints on both sides.  I cannot figure out where that setting is being made.  I've powered the printer down - it's an HP1320 - and backup to no effect on this problem.

     If I print directly [File | Print] the same thing happens.  I am totally stumped and would be happy for any clues that may be offered.  Driver problem?

     A screenshot of the printer properties tab that sets the PrintOnBothSides option is attached.

     Thanks much .... Bill Cole