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    Printing duplicate records on same page



      Printing duplicate records on same page


           I'm a FIlemaker 13 noob and I'm trying to create a solution for a form our organization currently uses.  It's basically a hand receipt we use when distributing supplies from a cache.  It is set up as a statement size (8.5 x 5.5) in landscape orientation.  Both the issuing office and the person receiving the supplies need a copy of the hand receipt.  In the interest of saving time and paper, I'd like to find a way to have it print 2 copies of the same record on 1 sheet of paper.

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               When printing, specify 2 copies in the print dialog. If you are using a script, this should be a setting that can be specified in the Print script step.

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                 Thanks for the reply but I probably didn't make my issue clear. The form I want to print only takes up half of a letter size piece of paper.  Rather than waste half of the sheet or take the time to flip the paper and print a second time, I'm trying to see if that can be automated in Filemaker.  We use a variety of printers so I can't count on that being a printer option. I'm wondering if I could set it up as a label print layout - the main difference being that there are 2 "labels" per page. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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                   You did make it clear but I missed the "on the same page" requirement.

                   If you double the height of your layout and place a copy of all the fields you have placed on this layout on the lower half of your layout, you should get the results that you need here. In Layout Mode, you can simple drag a selection box around all the fields and other layout objects on your layout, copy them to the clipboard and then paste to paste a new copy to the clipboard that you can then drag down into the blank lower half of your layout.

                   Since you are printing a single page for each layout, you shouldn't need a header layout part. I would recommend that you remove any such layout part from this layout after moving all items in the header down into the body. That will make it much easier to get top and bottom halves of your layout that match each other exactly.

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                     I got that to work  and it looks great - THANKS!! 

                     Now I just need to figure out how to write a script to print the current record from the data entry layout rather than having to switch to the print form layout.  I created a print button but am not very script savvy enough to make that happen yet.

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                       That may need little more than:

                       Go to layout ["select your print layout here]
                       Print [restore] --> specify the current record option