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Printing envelopes in FM 12

Question asked by john9210 on Jun 2, 2013
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Printing envelopes in FM 12


     I created a FM 11 file to print envelopes to a HP deskjet and it worked very well. I then converted it to FM 12. Now it won't print envelopes!!  I  set up anew  layout for printing envelopes . I first set Print Setup to select the printer, print  #10 envelopes, landscape. I then used New layout/report menu to setup a new envelope layout. I have two merge fields. The fields don't even appear in Preview! In fact, the layout looks weird in preview.  When I test print to a blank sheet of paper, the name prints on one sheet  and  the address prints on another!!! I followed the instructions in Help pretty carefully. I'm about ready to give up. What gives????