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    Printing error



      Printing error


      I still use FM 6. It has served me well - until today.

      Trying to print out address labels, I now get a printing error of -9705. It won't even print to Preview.

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          Have you tried printing from a new test file?

          Have you tried recovering the file?

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            I have done a recover and get the same error.

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              Did you try printing from a new test file?

              Open FileMaker and select New Database.

              Create just one or two fields, create a record or two and select print from the file menu. If this works, there's a problem with the original file. If it doesn't work, there is some problem between the FileMaker application, the printer driver and your computer

              Did this work in the past and now doesn't? If so, what has changed? any updates of your Operating system, printer or printer driver?

              If a test file prints without generating an error message, and you were able to previously print on this printer, do you have any back up copies? (You may have to go back several backups to find one that works.) If you can find a back up that works, you can import the records from the latest copy of your file into a clone of your back up copy.

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                Ah - the test file printed with no problem.

                I will see if a backup works. If not, the file is not too big to re-create when I have some spare time. 

                I appreciate the insight and help.