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    Printing Filtered Records



      Printing Filtered Records


      Hi Guys,
      I have a table for Results which is linked with foreign keys to Students and Subjects.
      In the results table i have,  fkStudent_ID, fkSubject_ID, results feild(which has Pass or Fail)
      I want to print report for student, which shows 
       fksubjectid, result feild (which has only fail).
      Any suggestions would be helpful. 

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          Create a layout that shows the fields you want in your report with the format you want.

          Perform a find (By hand or in a script) and specify only the values you want for each record in your report.

            Example: If you have a field that shows "fail" for each record you want in your report, Enter find mode, type "fail" in this field and click the perform find button

          Sort your report if you want the records in a specific order

          Print your report.