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Printing flashcards

Question asked by otto_m on May 21, 2012
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Printing flashcards



I have a Japanese - English database that students have asked me to turn into physical flashcards. This means the Japanese word should be on the front of the flashcard and the English meaning overleaf.

As I don't want to waste paper and for the cards to be small enough for students to carry around, I would like to cut an A4 page into 8 cards. And here's the rub:

I have found no way in FMP 11 to design / print cards in such a format, because it would require columns to print from left to right on the front of the page, but right to left on the back:

Front (Japanese):  Back (English, from same record)

A           B                             b           a

C           D                             d           c

E           F                              f           e

G           H                             h           g

Can somebody think of a working solution for such a layout? I wouldn't mind creating two different layouts and feeding paper manually for front and back.

Thanks in advance,