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    Printing flashcards



      Printing flashcards



      I have a Japanese - English database that students have asked me to turn into physical flashcards. This means the Japanese word should be on the front of the flashcard and the English meaning overleaf.

      As I don't want to waste paper and for the cards to be small enough for students to carry around, I would like to cut an A4 page into 8 cards. And here's the rub:

      I have found no way in FMP 11 to design / print cards in such a format, because it would require columns to print from left to right on the front of the page, but right to left on the back:

      Front (Japanese):  Back (English, from same record)

      A           B                             b           a

      C           D                             d           c

      E           F                              f           e

      G           H                             h           g

      Can somebody think of a working solution for such a layout? I wouldn't mind creating two different layouts and feeding paper manually for front and back.

      Thanks in advance,


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          I'm assuming that "A" and "a" are two fields in the same record or that you have a relationship that links them to each other if they are from separate tables.

          Do you know how to set up a "label"s layout to get your 2 column--8 row fromat to print the front side? This can be done with the layout wizard or manually by specifying columns in Layout Setup... on the printing tab. (Followed by setting a size to the Body layout part such that you get 4 rows per A4 page.)

          You should easily be able to set up two such layouts. Print side 1 first, change layouts, reload the paper and print again. You will need to be careful to correctly load the paper. Depending on the path the paper takes through your printer you may want to put "this edge first" in either a header or footer layout part on your front side layout.

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            Thank you for your swift reply:-)

            Yes, "A" and "a" are two fields in the same record.

            Yes, I already have a 2 column--8 row layout that prints the front as indicated in my first post.

            My problem is to have the same record on the front and the back of a flashcard. That means the second layout needs print the the left column where the right one is in the first layout, and the right column on the left.

            Is there an option to reverse the print order?

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              Hmmm, I see sleep withdrawel (courtesy of a water softner outside a bathroom window, 'Dear I hear funny noises outside...") is being more of a challenge than I thought... Embarassed

              There isn't any such printing option built in to FileMaker...

              We'll need to come up with a sort order that enables the second layout to sort as a mirror image of the first....

              Define a number field, SecondSideOrder, in your table. After finding and sorting your records as needed for layout 1, use Replace Field Contents with the following calculation to update the value in SecondSideOrder.

              Let ( R = Get ( RecordNumber ) ; Ceiling ( R / 2 ) + Not ( Mod ( R ; 2 ) ) /10 )

              This will produce this number series:


              Now, if you sort on this field, you'll get the needed Right for Left swap of the records in your columns needed for layout #2.

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                Thanks for attending to my problem despite sleep deprivation.Smile

                The calculation produced the number series:


                This resulted in the same sort order as before. However, changing the "+ Not" to "– Not" results in:


                which solves my problem. Smile


                Another thought for swapping:

                If I set the print order "left to right", odd records are on the left, even records on the right.

                If "Field:Serial Number" is odd number, add "1", if "Field:Serial Number" is even, subtract "1".

                Is there a way to devise a calculation in a second field that works like this?



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                  That's essentially what the calculation I suggested does. Mod ( number ; 2 ) returns a 1 for odd numbers and 0 for even. I deliberately avoided using a serial number field here as you can easily get gaps in the series of values with a serial number field, but Get ( RecordNumber ) will not.

                  PS. My original Calculation would have worked if I had left out the "Not" term.

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                    Thank you for your explanation.


                    I have a last – totally unrelated – question:

                    I have a calculation field in another database to create a student ID:

                    <<Left ( LNAME ; 3) & Left ( FNAME ; 1 )>>

                    which results in something like "AbcD"

                    How do I add the "TextStyleAdd (Uppercase)" command to return "ABCD"? 

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                      Either of these produce the same results:

                      Upper ( Left ( LNAME ; 3) & Left ( FNAME ; 1 ) )

                      You could do: TextStyleAdd ( Left ( LNAME ; 3) & Left ( FNAME ; 1 ) ; Uppercase )

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                        FileMaker is a bit daunting for a non-techie like myself, but with your fantastic support, I'm getting hooked!

                        Thank you again for your brilliant advice,