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    Printing Found Records Doesn't Work



      Printing Found Records Doesn't Work


      I'm using File Maker Pro 6 on a Mac Power PC G4 (667 MHz) with Mac OS X (10.4.11). I've used this program for many things and it's always worked super. However, it recently has developed a problem: when I want to print a found set of records, and set instructions as I always have, it only prints top record (one). This occurs with one of my accounting files (long time use) but not on other files. Strange and extremely frustrating. Any ideas on how I can correct this problem? I've run recover program and it didn't help. I don't know that I've done anything out of the ordinary that might have caused this. I'm stymied. Jim G

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          Howdy JimG,

          Welcome to the forum.


          Don't look in FMP...look in your print dialog window.

          When you hit "Print", a dialog window comes up...

          One of the choices in this dialog is (Print current record/print records being browsed/...)

          On different platforms, it's in different places in the dialog window...look for it...it's there somewhere.


          If it's on Print Current Record, you'll only get the top one like you describe.

          If it's on Print Record Being Browsed, you'll get the whole found set.


          On my systems, making a selection in this window resets the default...so if you (or someone) printed only the top one, that's why you are only printing the top one now.  Choose Records Being Browsed and you're back in business.


          Note: to avoid this in the future, you can set up a printing script that defines this choice and overrides the default setting.  That way if someone else changes it on you again, it won't affect the printout that you want.


          Let us know if that fixes it up for you!

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            Hey Ninja.....

            Thanks for your suggestions. Unfortunately, I had selected "Print Records Being Browsed" and it doesn't work. That's my problem. Something's screwed up in the file that doesn't recognize that option and it only prints the top record of those being browsed. Still perplexed. Jim G 

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              Have you specified a page range like page 1 of 1?


              Could the layout or file be damaged? (I'm assuming you haven't edited the layout just prior to encountering this problem for the first time.)


              If all else fails, test a recovered copy and see if it prints as expected. If so, replace your file with an undamaged copy.