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    Printing from Subsumaries



      Printing from Subsumaries


           Ive set up several subsumary reports. They populate the fields correctly and perform the totals correctly.

           When i select preview, and print from that. I only get the 1st line of the body, nothing else.

           What am i doing wrong?

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               Check to make sure it on records being browsed and not just current record.

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                 That worked perfectly.

                 It prints the entier layout, as i have it sorted.


                 How do i set up the parts to print one pager per segment?

                 ive gone into the parts, set the subsumary when sorted by.... set the page break after every "1" occurance. That works for the subsumary only and not the info below it... i checked the same for the body but that does not work.

                 What do i need to do?