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Printing Headers

Question asked by Atkins on Oct 9, 2014
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Printing Headers



I have a print layout setup with a Title Header that contains a block of information I always want to print on the first page.  I then have a Header with my column names, and this is showing up on all the pages EXCEPT page 1.  I then have the Body with my fields, and lastly a small footer with the page number.  I'm using List View so I get rows of all my records.

For whatever reason the header doesn't print on page 1.  Is this supposed to be this way?  I got around that by putting that same content at the bottom of my Title Header, so the Title Header prints on page 1 and then the Header prints on the remaining pages.  I'm using the "Slide" feature to slide my content up because there is a text block in the Title Header that is non-standard.  I've oversized the field and it's working great as I can see the bottom of my Title Header sliding up as it should be.

My problem is that the Header doesn't appear to slide, and/or it doesn't show up on the print, but it still takes up the space it would be taking up.  This means that I have a blank strip, about a half inch tall, where the header "should" be.  Is there a way to force this header to show up?  Or is there a known issue getting a Header part to slide up based on content in a different Part?  The Body appears to be doing this well, but not the Header.

Also, just curious, is it necessary to take off the "lock position to top" auto-sizing lock in the Position inspector to make sliding work?  I've experimented both ways and haven't noticed a difference.  Thanks!