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    Printing Headers and Body



      Printing Headers and Body


           I am having a few issues with printing. The first is even though I don't have many records in the body part, when I print there are 2 pages that come up even though there are no records on the 2nd page. I'm not sure why this is happening.

           Second issue, I would like to have a header print on every page. Is the only way to do this is to set up a Title Header part AND a Header part? Relating this to the first issue, if I have a Header part, the Header appears on the 2nd page even though there are no records on it. 

           Any ideas?

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               Your printable items exceed your printers printable area on your Page Setup.  Go to edit your printing Layout and under the View menu...

               check Page Margins.

               All of your printable items must be well withing the white page area.

               Otherwise your printer sees a need to do a Page Break....


               This is Printer Driver and Page Setup SPECIFICsurprise

               The same thing drove me crazy when printing out Bank Checks and it was printing every other check numbercrying, but only when the Client Changed Printers.

               I have learned to give myself extra space to assure no Printer Page break is issued.

               Second issue...

               Form View will do what you want but when your list exceeds your page height... NO JOY...