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Printing Imported PDF files

Question asked by JimMac on Jun 11, 2012
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Printing Imported PDF files


I am creating a multiform database FMP 12 on Mac Lion.  I am able to import a multi-page PDF file (or form) into a single container field and scroll throught each PDF page.  I want to print a copy of all PDF pages from within Filemaker.  Single page PDF files work ok, but depending on how the PDF was made, they can be distorted.

I can right click on the container field that has multi-pages and get an drop down menu option which includes "Open with Preview". If I select this, I get a complete, clear set of pages in the Preview application that prints perfectly.  However the database will be accessed by Windows (no Preview application) and Mac users.


1) Is there a way to print each page of a multi-page PDF in a single container field from within Filemaker 12 with or without distortion?

2) Can I get the drop down menu to say "Open with Adobe"?

3) If any answer is affirmative to 1 or 2, can I program Filemaker to Print each page, even if it is an external application?