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    Printing in A3



      Printing in A3 & web publishing


      Q1: I have design a database that consist of 15 fields and it quite long to print all
      the data in A4. I have set to print in horizontal in A4 but still not enough paper.
      So, how I want it to print in A3 paper?

      Q2: I have set sharing (internet web publishing) to enable FMP to be accessed
      using browser. FYI, I'm using FMP 9.0. I noticed that FMP only can be accessed
      through browser when it has open in server.
      My question is, if 2 different user access FMP file using browser and another using
      Installed FMP, could it open simultenously ? Editing process is updated in the server?


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             To answer Q1, simply select the paper size in print setup if you are printing by selecting print from the file menu. If you are printing via a script, the script will need to be updated to specify the A3 paper size. (Either Print or Print setup can be used to specify a paper size.)
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            Thank you for your post.


            Regarding Q2...

            Yes, you can have a file accessed by both FileMaker Pro and Instant Web Publishing clients.  Make sure you turn on Instant Web Publishing AND FileMaker Network...  Otherwise, whichever one is not turned on will not have access.



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