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      Printing in Black & White from Color Layout Template


      I created a report layout using the REPORT layout TYPE and I chose one of the color templates that were offered. Looks great. But now I want a version to print from so I want it in black and white so I duplicated the layout and tried to make modifications to the color backgrounds for each part but I cannot seem to select them. How do I make those changes?

      Better still, is there a way to just print a black and white version of color page?

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          To change the background color of a layout part:

          1. Enter Layout Mode
          2. Click a part label (Rectangle that reads "header", "body", "footer"....)
          3. Then select a different fill color from the format bar that drops down when you click the Aa button in the status area across the top of your FileMaker window.


          Some printer drivers offer a "greyscale" mode for printing. This varies with the printer, but you may find you have such an option for your current printer.