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Printing in Filemaker pro advanced V.10

Question asked by JosephCorsino on Aug 19, 2010
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Printing in Filemaker pro advanced V.10



I am new here and am having an issue when trying to print in Filemaker Pro Advanced V.10

I am using the Business Productivity services edition. Everything works great until I try to print. The database only prints 3/4 of the sheet. I tried changing the margins on both FMP and my printer, but it still only prints a portion of the database.  Is there a way to set the print area lika there is in Excel where I can choose what to print?  I tried printing in Landscape also but the same thing happens. I would like to be able to print out my database and keep a hard copy off site.  Any suggestions would help.

I have attached a screenshot of what the printed page looks like. notice the right side of the database is cut off.

Thanks in advance for any input to help with this issue.