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    Printing in Filemaker pro advanced V.10



      Printing in Filemaker pro advanced V.10



      I am new here and am having an issue when trying to print in Filemaker Pro Advanced V.10

      I am using the Business Productivity services edition. Everything works great until I try to print. The database only prints 3/4 of the sheet. I tried changing the margins on both FMP and my printer, but it still only prints a portion of the database.  Is there a way to set the print area lika there is in Excel where I can choose what to print?  I tried printing in Landscape also but the same thing happens. I would like to be able to print out my database and keep a hard copy off site.  Any suggestions would help.

      I have attached a screenshot of what the printed page looks like. notice the right side of the database is cut off.

      Thanks in advance for any input to help with this issue.



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          This layout has been optimized for data-entry--not for printing. If you can't select a page size and orientation that works for you, you'll need to create a new layout that displays the data you want, positioned and sized to fit the printed page. (You may find that such a layout already exists in this solution.) You can add a button on this layout that takes you to such a "print" layout, prints the record and then returns to this layout if you want.

          When working with a layout, page breaks are shown with a heavy dashed line. The location of these lines reflect the currently selected page size and orientation specified in print setup as well as the margin settings in Layout Setup... Specify those options first before trying to determine what you need to do to fit your data on the page.

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            Thanks for the insight. That makes a lot of sense. I will look at other layous and see if I can find one that works.

            Thanks again for the help.