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Printing in OS X

Question asked by c.wagner1 on Feb 24, 2015
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Printing in OS X


Hi guys,

I'm working on a solution that will print out shipping labels and pick tickets.  These print out from 2 different printers.  One label printer and one regular laser printer.  The laser printer is actually just the system default printer.  I'm trying to make this work with as little effort on the end users part.  They should not need to remember to select the proper printer or paper size for each printing, they just need to be able to click a button and out pops the shipping label from the label printer and out pops the pick ticket from the laser printer.

Now this would not normally be hard in a single user environment, however this is a hosted solution and multiple people may be printing labels and pick tickets from different computers.  First is there any way to check for the presence of a particular print queue in this case the label printer?  I know we can get the default printer queue in a script step but is there any way to see what other printers are installed since the label printer would never be set as a default printer?  Next would it even work?  If I hard code in my script to use a specific print queue found on my computer and that script is run on computer that has a print queue with the exact same name will it print to that printer on the other computer?  What happens if a print step is hard coded in a script step and the printer specified does not exist on that system?  Any advice on this would be welcome.