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    Printing Invoice



      Printing Invoice



      My problem is when i print off my invoice it prints over 3 pages though on print preview it looks all ok and on one page. Not sure if its the way the page is set up or not, it has a header, a middle bit not sure what called and the bit at the bottom called trailing grand summary. Having these 3 sections cant cause it to print 3 different pages, its not as if I can use one page and bin the rest.

      Can anyone help at least save the trees.

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          Sounds like you have three layout parts: Header, Body (your middle bit) and Trailing Grand Summary. You may have more, but that's all I can identify from your post. I've seen issues like this develop if the combined height of the header and trailing grand summary is larger than the printable area for your printer. Could that be the case with your layout?

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            Thanks again.

            Have adjusted the size of the three sections and all now print on the same page.