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    Printing Invoice



      Printing Invoice


           I have an invoice setup that was created by fm starting point.  I have entered items into the invoice, they all come in fine, but when i go to print, the order they appear is totally different from the order i entered them.  Becomes quite confusing for the client to figure out the order tasks were completed.  They don't appear to be alphabetically, they don't appear to be sorted via the id number of the product.  I honestly can't figure out what it is using to sort these items by.  (for my purposes a product is a service rendered by me for the client, so the items should appear in the order they were performed) Is there some place i can tell the print function to sort the items by the order they were entered on the invoice?

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               Just guessing, if you go to the table where the related items for the client reside, are they in the correct order?  Do the line items show up as a portal on the invoice?  And how is that set up to sort?

               Some screen shot may help

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                 I would guess that like the starter solutions that come with FileMaker, this database uses a script to pull up the line item records on a print layout based on the line items table instead of the invoices table. This script may containe a sort records step. If so, you can find and open up this script to learn the sort order specified and you can change it. If it does not have a sort records step, it is quite possible that there is no sort order specified and then the items will be listed in the order in which they were created--which may not match the portal to line items on invoices if there is a sort order specified for the portal.

                 But not having a copy of this solution, I am only guessing as to likely reasons why you are getting a different order to the line items.