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Printing Invoices

Question asked by Marty1 on Nov 8, 2011
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Printing Invoices


Hi, I have a question relating to the printing of a found set of invoices.

For example, invoices that are shipped by courier on a specific date, or daily invoices covered by a certain sales person.

I have a found set comprising of 6 different invoices. I would like to print them as a ‘full invoice’ including the line items. The invoice is set up as a page and the line items are a portal to another table.

I have a print layout but can not get the correct arrangement of the header/body/footer summary etc, which enables each invoice to fully print before starting on the next one.

My print out currently has the company name, order number and line item on each page.

I guess I am looking of a ‘nested’ type of print format or something similar.

From the ‘print script’ I get the correct invoice page if I select ‘Match current record only’ but then I do do not get any successive invoices, only a single print

Hope you can help