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    Printing Issue



      Printing Issue


           I have a basic script that :

           Print Setup [Restore;No dialog]
           Print [Restore]

           It works some of the time...but sometimes I get a "not responding"

           I have no way of escaping out ...so  I close FM Down and then have to re-open program.

           Any suggestions?


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               Sounds like a system level issue with your printer driver.

               You might try downloading the latest version of your printer's driver and re-installing it.

               You might also make sure your hard drive is healthy as a hard drive spools a print job to a temp file on your hard drive. There are utilities specific to your computer OS that can check it out.

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                 I have been having the same problem. I can print one time, but then printing again will cause FM to lock up -- Windows says  "Not responding". I can get Windows to shut FM down and then have to restart FM. Running FM Adv 12.0v4.

                 This did not happen with previous FM Adv versions or with any other software application, printer, etc.

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                   If this is a single Windows machine, and doesn't happen every time, I would open Task Manager (ye olde Alt+Ctrl+Del) and see what else is running and your CPU usage.  Could be automatic updates running, system scan, etc.  Or you may notice when you hit print the cpu usage goes way up.  On the rare occasion these types of things happen to me, it seems shortly after I get a little pop up telling me either 'updates are available for download', or 'system scan complete'...

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                     OK. I ran into a big problem today. There were 15 pages to print out and it hung everytime. I tried different printers, USB and network, all resulted in the same outcome. I tried printing a few pages at a time, but this didn't help either. After hitting Print, FM does that brief pause then a quick dialog pops up that says the pages are sent to the print driver. From there Windows handles it. What was happening was that FM was pausing but it would freeze the moment it sent the job to Windows. Right away Windows would show the "Not Responding" error.

                     I removed a graphic from the Layout and it printed all 15 pages on the first try!

                     It must have had something to do with the size of the print job and that associated gif. It's just a clip art!