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Printing Issue???

Question asked by johnw54 on Oct 26, 2012
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Printing Issue???


     I have a layout based on table called Data.  The join is below.  The only field on the layout is "image" from the Additional Photo table.  The main image is in the data table and additional photos of the same style are in additional photos.  All are jpgs in container fields.  When I view the additional images for a given style in print preview.... I see 2 additional images.  When I print, I get 1 image and a page that has our company name on it but the 2nd image is missing from the page..  I would love to be able to select either 1 of the 2 additional images and print it but I don't seem to able to do that. In print setup I've selected all records browsed and I get what I mentioned above and when I select current record I can print the first image.  There doesn't seem to be anyway to select the second image.  Any ideas?