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    Printing Issue???



      Printing Issue???


           I have a layout based on table called Data.  The join is below.  The only field on the layout is "image" from the Additional Photo table.  The main image is in the data table and additional photos of the same style are in additional photos.  All are jpgs in container fields.  When I view the additional images for a given style in print preview.... I see 2 additional images.  When I print, I get 1 image and a page that has our company name on it but the 2nd image is missing from the page..  I would love to be able to select either 1 of the 2 additional images and print it but I don't seem to able to do that. In print setup I've selected all records browsed and I get what I mentioned above and when I select current record I can print the first image.  There doesn't seem to be anyway to select the second image.  Any ideas?


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               On which table occurrence is your layout based? Data or Additional Photos? (You can determine this by checking to see which name is selected in "show records from" in Layout Setup...)

               You might want to use a list view layout based on Additional photos with the Image field from Data placed in the header part of this layout. You can then perform a find or use Go To Related Records to pull up a set of photos for a given record in Data. If you don't then want to print all the photos in the resulting set of records, you can omit the records for photos that you don't want to print.

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                 The layout is based on the data table. I am trying what you said but probably not doing it correctly.  I've now based the layout on Additional Photos and made it list view only.  I have the image field from Data now in the header and I have the image field from Additional Photos in the body.

                 When I click the button to take me to the layout  the image from the data table shows in the header and nothing shows in the body.  I suppose there should be 2 images.  My script to take me to the layout reads below.

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                   I'm suprised that you see anything in that layout.

                   Remove the go to layout step and specify the additional photos layout in the "using layout:" part of Go To Related Records.

                   Make sure that you perform this script from a layout based on Data so that you find all additional photos for  the current record in Data.

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                     I'm sorry Phil, I seem to be getting the same thing.  The button that runs the script below is coming from a layout that is based on Data. I'm getting the same original from Data in the header and nothing in the body.  It does appear based on the scroll bars that there are probably 2 images which is correct.

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                       Enter layout mode and double click the container field in the body. Select the container field from the same "table" name in the drop down as you have specified in layout setup... for your layout. You should see the field name without a leading :: in the field when you finish and haven't yet returned to browse mode.

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                         Well that is the way that I had it.  The container in the Header is from data and the field is ::image.... that is showing the correct image.  Just figured it out... The images where trying to display in a portal.. When I deleted that and inserted the field into the layout it works and the images show up. However I still have the same printing issue.  Here is the script attached to the print button.

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                           If you select print from the file menu and select the "records being browsed"option, can you print all the listed images?

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                             yes but the formatting is a mess

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                               Why would the formatting be different from your script?

                               How is it a "mess"?

                               Your script isn't working as it is switching back to the data based layout instead of printing from the layout based on additional photos.

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                                 Please see the image... Poor quality not to mention images are cut off

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                                   But I don't know what it is supposed to look like.

                                   Is this the layout base on Data or additional photos?

                                   If the layout isn't arranged the way you would want it, you should be able to modify the layout's design to get what you need.

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                                     Below is what it is supposed to look like.  I need to have a print button to print because the users will be using a runtime solution.  Any chance I can send you the db for you to look at? Or anything else I should try

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                                       I had you select print from the file menu as a way to test to see if the issue was with the script or with your layout. The fact that the button produced a different result from print from the file menu tells me the script is part of the problem. Then I noticed that it was chaing to a layout with (data) as the source table occurrence and that explained a part of the problem. Once you can manually print to get what you need, all the needed details can be reproduced in your script.

                                       Your last screen shot shows only a single picture. It was my understanding that you wanted to see all or some of the additional photos. Such can be done with a layout based on the additional photos table, in fact, I would put all your photos in this related table, not just the "additional" ones. A field in that table can be used to identify the "main" photo if such is necessary.

                                       From what I see on your earlier screen shot, you have layout objects that either should not be on this layout or which should be set to "hide when printing" so that they are not visible.The container field in the body, then needs to be repositioned to fit on the page and display the entire image. These are all very basic design changes to make to your layout in order to get what you want.

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                                         got it Phil.... thanks for all your help