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    Printing issues



      Printing issues


      I am using the business solutions in FM9 but am having issues when printing.

      Say I have 5 products and I want to print an invoice, I can see all 5 products when in preview mode but when I proceed

      to print only the first product appears, all other products are missing!


      Any advice is most welcome

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          Howdy DH,

          Welcome to the forum and thanks for the post.


          When you go to print, a window pops up (the standard "you want to print?" type window).


          On a PC, the upper left field has three choices:

          Current Record

          Records Being Browsed

          All Records


          On a Mac it's somewhere else...

          Make sure you select "Records Being Browsed"...it sounds like you have been selecting "Current Record".


          This work?

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            Hi Ninja,


            That did the trick!

            Thanks for your help.