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Printing issues

Question asked by mattb on Nov 21, 2011
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Printing issues


I have a screen with several edit boxes.  The edit boxes are 3 lines high but they have scrollbars so users can input any amount of information they want to.

If I invoke the built-in FMP Print function, I get an exact duplicate of the visible screen, so if there is any information input that is below the visible 3 lines of the box, that info will not get printed.

If I create a Report layout, I can make the box associated with the screen's input box taller, e.g. 5 lines tall instead of 3, so some of the material that is not visible on the screen will get printed, but...

I don't want to have to pre-define the box height in the Report layout - there's no way I can know how much material the user will put in, so in this case I'm just making an educated guess and there can be material that still doesn't get printed.

Is there any way in this situation to create a report that prints everything the user types into a scrolling edit box without cutting off material and pushing the next edit box below it down on the page?

Or...are there any 3rd party FMP plugins that have enhanced reporting capabilities that will solve this issue ??



Matt Bloomfield