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printing issues for large layouts

Question asked by AxelWindbrake on Mar 11, 2011
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printing issues for large layouts


I had some difficulties in printing out a large layout as everything which was at the right of the dottet print-area lines was simply not being printed. I tried to change paper formats from vertical to horizontal orientation and so on (after I found no way of adjusting the print area manually) but it did not produce any acceptable result... Finally I found a work-around which I like to share - just in case there are more like me out there who are having the same issues. (it's not very elegant but it's simple and it works). Here is what I did:

First I selected the pdf-converter as my printer, setting the paper format to A2 (which is fairly big). Then I printed to the pdf-converter and I get a respective 1-sided (!!! and that's the clue) PDF on my screen. Then I select print (to physical printer) with option "fit to page" and I am all set... The outcome is quite o.k. - but of course, I do wonder if there was a smarter way to achieve this... So as I am fairly new to filemaker, any hints would be appreciated.