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    Printing Labels



      Printing Labels


           I am trying to print a custom label from an HP laser onto 20 single labels. The layout is set up and seems correct but when I go to print a label, nothing is printing. What am I not doing?

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               Have you maybe selected "Blank Record" when printing? You should select "Records being browsed".

               And are you sure you have a found set of records that you are browsing?

               Did you select the correct printer?

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                 Thank you. Yes to all. When I print on a letter size paper, all is good. But when I put the label into the printer, it comes out blank. Most peculiar.

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                   Are you saying that you do the exact same print on a piece of paper and it prints fine. And then when you print it on a sheet of labels it doesn't print at all?

                   If you are going to print using a label printer that prints single labels you need to change your layout or create another layout that is exactly the size of one label.

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                     yes, it worked when I printed on an 81/2 x 11 piece of paper but when I put a label in, it didn't print. But, when I switched to my Epson Stylus 1400 it printed fine. So I guess problem solved though I don't know why the HP LaserJet would not print.


                     Thanks for your help.