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    Printing Labels and Invoices



      Printing Labels and Invoices


      We have just recently updated our filemaker from filemaker pro 5 to filemaker pro 10. We have everything transferred over, but when we go to print the labels or the invoices they will not print. The message comes up that it has failed to print. We have a card in the computer where we simply select the Okidata 395 for the invoices or the IBM Proprinter III for our labels. We cannot get either one to print.

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          Are you printing using a script or by choosing Print from the file menu?


          If you can print from the File menu, but can't print using the script, you may need to update the printer and/or printer setup script steps in the script. If you can't print from the file menu, try creating a brand new file with a few lines of text on a layout and try printing it to both printers. If that doesn't work, you may have problem with your printer drivers or the "card" that you mention. Try a direct connection to a the printer to rule out that possibility and see if there's an updated printer driver available from the printer manufacturers.


          If you can print from a new/simple file, maybe the layout or file is damaged and needs to be recovered/repaired or replaced. (Recovered files should always be replaced with back up files if at all possible.)