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    Printing Labels From Various Records on One Layout



      Printing Labels From Various Records on One Layout


      Dear Filemaker Forum,

      I have a number of rather comprehensive and useful Filemaker Databases.

      At times I have an order for more than one item, each of which has its own record.

      I'd like to be able to run a find for those ID numbers but be able to pull up one layout that would contain the labels for all the items rather than have to view them one at a time.

      I understand that logically a layout is showing ONE record, but is there any trick/script that would work around that?



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          If this is a standard Labels layout, you can browse the layout in list view and see a single column of your labels records. If you enter preview mode, you'll see the grid of labels as specified for the layout when you set it up.

          With label layouts, it's often useful to use a script that selects the layout and then enters preview mode and pauses. While paused the user can confirm that  they have the correct records in their found set for the labels and can go put label stock in the printer. They can even flip though the pages of the preview to figure out how many pages are needed. Then they can select print from the FileMenu. When done they continue the script by clicking the continue button or pressing the enter key on the numeric key pad.