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Printing labels gives major problems

Question asked by PatrickDekeyser on Aug 25, 2010
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Printing labels gives major problems


When creating custom labels (for badgeholders e.g.), I create a new lay-out, using custom margins. In this example : labelsize is 55x86 mm, custom margin left and right 19 mm and top and bottom margin 38,5 mm. There are 2 labels horizontal en 4 vertical (8 in total). Paper size is A4 (21x29,7cm)

When using preview or print, Filemaker only prints 6 labels and not 8. I remember when using an earlier version (FM6 or so) you had to check or unchek a box somewhere ... and then it was OK. But I do not remember what or where it was and I can't control with an earlier version than 7!

Can someone help a desperate user ?