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    Printing Labels Script



      Printing Labels Script


      Was wondering if someone could help me edit the following script.

      I have a script set up (see attached) that leaves the contact name in bold and then the address below it. I wanted to have the company name in bold, attn: contact name on the next line, and then the address below that. 

      Would you need more details to help me out?!


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          What Operating System are you using?

          I was suprised by this step:

          Go to Layout ["Labels"]

          In Windows XP, in FileMaker 10, 11, 12, I can't get the go tot layout step to look like that. It should list the table occurrence specfied for the layout in parenthises after the quoted layout name. Something like this:

          Go To Layout ["Labels" (YourTableOccurrencNameHere ) ]

          Even if I delete the table occurrence, I get:

          Go to Layout ["Labels" () ]

          So I'm wondering how that's possible and it's important that the Labels layout specify the correct Table Occurrence in Layout Setup | Show Records From.

          That said, what you describe is not a script issue. You can set up the fields and specify Bold text styles for selected fields on your Labels layout.

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            It's FileMaker Pro 12. This particular layout is predesigned, I'm just making some slight edits to fit my needs. Oddly enough, there are no table relationships (see attached). I'm sure the default layouts are really not the way to go, but for a beginner like myself, they've come in handy, except for now. HA! 

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              Yes, but that step should look like this:

              Go To layout ["Lables" (Contacts) ]

              I was able to reproduce what you show in the screen shot and that suggests that you haven't set up this step correctly. Did you use the "layout name by calculation" option and enter the layout name as "Labels"?

              If so, you should change this step by selecting an actual layout from the drop down list of available layouts.

              Do you have a layout named Labels?

              Is it set up to show data from Contacts?

              If so, you can edit this layout to do what you have described.

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                YES!!! Oh my, my ignorance is revealed, but thanks all the same for your help!