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    Printing labels with FileMaker Pro 12.0v3



      Printing labels with FileMaker Pro 12.0v3


           I cannot get the printer to print all 10 rows on a standard 3 x 10 label form (eg. Avery 5160 used in the tutorial). I have tried everything suggested in the posts I have found on the subject, making sure, for example, that the text fits into the individual label. I my latest attempt I have an empty space at the bottom of the page nearly 2 inches high, lots of room for one more row of 1 inch labels, plus the 1/2 in. bottom margin. So if I print addresses for 300 customers, they go on 12 pages instead of 10. Even good old AppleWorks did better, so what am I missing?

           I am using a a dual core Intel iMac with OS 10.8 and a HP LaserJet 1320.

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               This is a pretty common issue with label sheets. The most common cause of the issue is that your priter can't print on Letter size stock from top edge to bottom edge. Instead, the printable area is at least a bit smaller than that. If the minimum bottom margin for your pinter is even a tiny fraction samller than the bottom margin of your label form, you can get a page break before the last row of labels on the page instead of after it.

               The fix is to "tweak" the layout part sizes on the layout until entering preview mode shows all 10 rows of labels and the labels still align acceptably on the individual labels. In layout mode, you can select a layout part and then use Height box on the inspector's position tab to make very small changes in the height (size) of the layout part.

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                 Thanks! I tried a slightly different but simpler route that, to my amazement, worked. I formatted a custom page size for the printer and made it 11.1 inches long. Now I just have to remember to use it when I print labels. If it is such a common problem maybe the folks who make the software could describe that fix in the online HELP and in the User Guide.