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Printing labels: leave some empty?

Question asked by RA on Apr 7, 2012
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Printing labels: leave some empty?


Let me sketch the problem: at work we have to print sheets of labels to stick on the boxes when we ship them out to show the customer what's inside. Some orders are small and then we only need 5 labels or so while an entire sheet is 21 labels.

When I leave the records empty, I still get the annoying tags that get printed ("Product ID:" "Amount per box:" etc.). I tried to fix it but the only solution that worked, was adding extra label fields to every record so when there's not a record for a certain label, it's completely empty instead of it showing the tags but that really adds a lot of needless data into the database.

Does anyone know a more elegant solution? Right now, I'm making these labels by adding the product IDs to the table view - 21 entries per sheet. Except for the tags remaining (and wasting labels) it's working fine otherwise.